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Small size organization

First OGSMExtra OGSM
Pricing per month€20,-N.A.
Users per OGSM1N.A.



Midsize and large organization

First OGSMExtra OGSM
Pricing per month€150,-€50,-
Users per OGSM1515



Tailored package

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What's included in your package?

FeaturesSingle user packageTeam and organization packageTailored Package
Online training guide
24/7 access
Secured in the cloud
Real-time access to the latest OGSM version
Automatic status update requests by e-mail (Dashboard, Objectives, Actions)
Progress overview (Goal and dashboard KPI)
Insight in step by step progress: detailed underlying actions
Overview to do, doing, done in Kanban
Online onboarding training
Team and company OGSM's in 1 place
Cascading of OGSM to departments
Create team ownership and manage responsibilities
Permission levels per individual user
Project Roadmap by means of a Gantt
Clear review page on OGSM including status on strategies, KPIs and actions
Special features for PMO's
Real time plugin to other software

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Here we mean the people that edit the OGSM. The people that only own one or two actions you can disregard.

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WhatHoursRatePricingWhat's included
Online OGSM review4€200,-€800,-4 hour OGSM review facilitated by experts with specific recommendation to improve your plan prepared by experts
Online OGSM training3€200,-€600,-3 hour OGSM training to learn how to apply OGSM properly at your company
OGSM development on sitetailored tailored tailored please contact us

Yearly ongoing support

WhatHoursRatePricingWhat's included
Small5€200,-€1.000,-If you need support on the basics
Medium24€150,-€3.600,-If you are new to OGSM and need to be supported once in a while
Large50€120,-€6.000,-If you need to connect all plans and regular support to help you out


PricingWhat's included
Plando strategic planning tool€5Per user/per month. Use of kanban, weekly steps.
Advanced planning€600Per year/per OGSM. Use of Gantt chart.


PricingWhat's included
< 15 users€4.990Setting up your OGSM, importing your current OGSM or annual plan, onboarding training, and 3 months free license!