OGSM strengthens Program Management

More and more municipalities are opting for program management with OGSM. Because: your program plan is easy to draw up. A summary on just one page! This provides an overview, structure and a clear plan. An additional advantage is that maintaining the plan takes much less time and implementation is simple for your program plan. This is how you achieve success! Read on to find out how this can also be done for your municipality.

"We can now really see the results we achieve every week. And whether we are on track to achieve policy goals. That makes our work more fun and more motivating"
Municipality of Soest


Example OGSM for an 'Energy' program

What is OGSM for program management?

OGSM is the method to create and maintain a clear plan. It stands for Objectives (highest goal in combination with high approach), Goals (highest objectives), Strategies (chosen directions) and Measures (measurements and activities). Whether you have a program plan, assignment, policy plan, or even an entire coalition program, OGSM can help!

OGSM is a powerful method that provides a structured approach to defining, planning and executing programs. For municipalities, OGSM offers a clear and effective method to translate policy goals into concrete efforts and measurable results.

What is the Objective?

OGSM therefore starts with the highest goal in combination with the high-over approach. In other words: what do you want to achieve, followed by the chosen approach. In OGSM terms you call this Goal-by-doing. This is located centrally at the top of the page. All underlying objectives, projects and actions are connected to this Objective. Another word for Objective is Vision.

Example Objective:

“Our municipality will be energy neutral in 2045 through more energy-neutral generation and reduction of energy consumption.”

The highest goal is: “our municipality is energy neutral in 2045”

The high over approach is “More energy-neutral generation and reduction of energy consumption”

What are Goals?

Goals are the quantitative elaboration of the qualitative words from the Objective. When you achieve all the Goals, you achieve the Objective. These highest objectives are located right below the Objective.

Example Goals: “Energy neutral, Generation and use are the same”

What are Strategies?

The chosen approach or directions to achieve your Objective. It gives focus on what you will do and therefore also on what you will not do. Within a program, the different strategies often have a short name. These are also called a pillar or area of focus.

Example Strategy: “Deploy on solar and wind energy”.

The pillar associated with this Strategy is ‘Own generation’. Another pillar, for example, is ‘Energy Reduction’.

What are Measures?

The Measures are the measurements and activities of what you will actually do. The measurements are the results that indicate when the chosen strategy is successful. The activities are the efforts you make to achieve these results and thus implement the strategy.

Example Measures measurements: 65 mlj. kWh wind energy

Example Measures activities: Realization of a wind turbine project, of which ‘Construction and installation’ is an underlying activity that is part of the realization of the wind turbine project.

What municipalities say about OGSM?

“OGSM helped us to clarify the relationships between the projects and objectives for the 'Possible Growing Up' program. We learned to report progress in a clear and accessible way.”
C. Slim
Program Manager at Coevorden
“This provides clear accountability to the board and council.”
A. Westhof
Program Managerat Coevorden

Goal tree (DIN) or OGSM?

Choose between a Goals efforts network or OGSM? That’s not necessary! The methods go well together. A DIN can help you sort out your thoughts. What does the structure of your program look like? In programs you can have projects that contribute to multiple goals or pillars. It helps to outline this relationship at the start of your program. Based on this, you can create an OGSM in no time because the structure is already clear. An OGSM is more useful for monitoring your program, especially in combination with OGSM Software.

Advantages of DIN:

  • useful to visualize the program at the start
  • complex mutual relationships insightful

Advantages of OGSM:

  • easy to read from left to right
  • easily readable text on 1 screen or A4
  • clear structure by separating main and secondary issues
  • better suited for monitoring than a DIN
Did you know that you can always convert an OGSM back to a DIN with OGSM Software?

OGSM Software generates reports for program management

As a program manager you must regularly report to the municipal council or to other stakeholders who contribute to the program. This often concerns so-called Effect and Progress Reports. OGSM Software has standard reporting templates that you can use for this. These have your own logo and are easy to customize. You can collect project progress information in three ways:

  1. Update online in the OGSM
  2. Loading data from other systems (such as financial or planning systems)
  3. Automatic status update emails from the software

These municipalities preceded you

  • Almere
  • Amsterdam
  • Coevorden
  • Emmen
  • Aalsmeer
  • Alblasserdam
  • Altena
  • Amstelveen
  • Gorinchem
  • Sint-Michielsgestel
  • Soest
  • Tholen
  • Veenendaal

What is OGSM suitable for?

  • Coalition Program
  • Policy plan
  • Task-oriented work
  • Program and project management
  • Efforts
  • Pillars
  • Goals and benefits
  • Portfolio management

How do I start with OGSM?

You can start yourself, but many municipalities opt for training and coaching from our OGSM experts who know everything about municipal challenges. And, use our program templates. This way, as a municipality, you can get where you want to be a lot faster. Through workshops, training and personal coaching, you and your team will learn everything necessary to successfully implement your program effectively and efficiently.

“Bizaline helps us to gain and maintain an overview. That helps us to make our program a success.”
C. Slim
Program Manager at Coevorden

Pricing for program management with OGSM

Various factors determine the costs of program management with OGSM. Every program is different. The size of the project, current documentation, and number of consultancy hours are influential factors in addition to the software license.

Anyone can request a quote from OGSM Software without obligation, but it is of course useful to gain some insight into the prices we charge.

In order to fully meet your wishes and needs, we are happy to identify the right approach with you. We will prepare a quote without obligation. To give an indication of the program management price, two different packages are shown below as an example;

Package 1; ‘A good start’ €7,500

  • 3x Team training/workshop on location of half a day for, for example, a plenary start and training in program management or helping to set up a program.
  • 5x one hour personal training for what is needed.
  • Access to OGSM software annual license for professional design and implementation

Package 2: ‘A multi-year approach’ €25,000

  • 4x Team training/workshop on location of half a day for, for example, a plenary start and training in program management or helping to set up a program.
  • Coaching/training for drawing up plans, guidance in implementation and to promote quality and monitoring for a total of 60 hours.
  • Access to three years of OGSM software for professional design and implementation of a plan