OGSM Software security policy

You wouldn’t just trust any company with your data, especially when it comes to your strategic business plan. At OGSM Software, security is paramount to all we do. Your data is stored at AWS in Europe, who have the highest performance in terms of security. Our software developers work in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards.

OGSM Software applies the following security measures: 

  • We use an encrypted connection between the client, device and host (https)
  • We adhere to best practices for passwords (length and complexity)
  • Clients can turn on two-step authentication
  • We regularly audit all login attempts (failed and successful logins)
  • Our support team receives immediate notification of failed log in attempts and takes appropriate action
  • With AWS, we use the data provider with the highest levels of data security (facilities security)
  • We require our staff and recommend our clients to store passwords in encrypted databases
  • All data stays in the cloud. Note: if a client downloads a report or a document on a local device, the client will be responsible for the security of that data.
  • Clients can choose to apply IP whitelisting and blacklisting
  • We apply strict security procedures for our own staff (HR policy)
  • Annual independent audit commissioned 
  • Application for ISO-27001 in progress
  • OGSM Software B.V. and Bizaline B.V. endeavor to maintain an A+ on Immuniweb 
  • OGSM Software B.V. and Bizaline B.V. carry out pen and hack tests on a quarterly basis. Results are reported to the Management Team and any recommended actions are taken promptly.