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(single user)


Limited access to tool. Text only editing of your OGSM.

Learn OGSM
1 OGSM plan
1 single user
FAQ Help
Removed if 6 months of inactivity


(single user)


Limited access functionality.
Create a believable plan and start achieving your goals.

Personal use functionality
1 OGSM + 1 view OGSM
1 user + 1 read-only buddy
FAQ Help


(multiple users)


Full access to the tool, allowing you to work together and start achieving goals with your team.

Team use functionality
3 OGSM plans
Max. 5 users (25 people)
Training and onboarding recommended

Management OGSM

(business use)


Full access to the tool, allowing you to work together and
start achieving goals with your team.

Business use functionality
10 OGSMs
Max 25 users (125 people)
cascading, templates available

Live training sessions

Complete OGSM

(whole organisations or
multiple teams)


Full access to the tool, with as many OGSM plans and users as you need. Onboarding and effective train-the-trainer approaches included. Transform your way of working together and reach goals you had never thought possible.


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(new to OGSM)

Ask for help

Sometimes you just need a bit of advice to discover what package is best for you. Our team is happy to help you.

Features by license type

FeaturesYour OGSM (1 user)Team OGSM (multiple users)Tailored Package
Online training guide
24/7 access
Secured in the cloud
Instant access to the latest OGSM version
Automatic status update requests by e-mail (Dashboard, Objectives, Actions)
Progress overview (Goal and dashboard KPI)
Insight in step by step progress: detailed underlying actions
Overview to do, doing, done in Kanban
Online onboarding training
Team and company OGSMs in 1 place
Cascading of OGSM to departments
Assign task ownership and manage responsibilities
Permission levels per individual user
Project Roadmap by means of a Gantt
Clear review page per OGSM including status of strategies, KPIs and actions
Special features for PMOs
Custom plug-ins to other software

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OGSM People

Welcome! Let’s find out what plan suits you best. First, tell us a little about you. What’s your company name?

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What kind of organization is the company?

How many OGSMs do you work with?

How many people will be actually working with OGSM Software?

Here we mean the people that edit the OGSM. The people that only own one or two actions you can disregard.

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ServiceHoursPricingWhat's included
Online OGSM review4€800,-Extensive OGSM review with by experts with specific recommendations to improve your plan
Online OGSM training3€600,-3 hour OGSM training to boost your strategy execution skills
OGSM development on siteTailoredTailored Please contact us

Develop your team's skills with OGSM coaching

PackageHoursPricingWhat's included
Small5€1.000,-Learn everything you need to get started
Medium24€4.000,-Regular support over a period of time to increase your effectiveness
Large50€8.000,-Fully embed the OGSM method in your organisation

A perfect start with OGSM: onboarding

Learning the ropes of a new way of working can be intimidating for people, or something they feel they are too busy to commit to. We want to make sure that everyone quickly experiences how OGSM is saving them time. Most of our clients start with a Pilot and Onboarding Package. We will take care of the set-up of your workspace and guide you through working with OGSM step by step. Your team will make a swift and energetic start with your strategy execution process. OGSM Software license costs are included in your 3-month pilot period. All packages include some hours of personal coaching that can be used flexibly to meet your team’s needs, so you can learn at your own pace.

Achieve more goals

The Pilot and Onboarding Package is the perfect introduction to OGSM for your team. Both theory and practice are provided in interactive training sessions. Your strategic plan is reviewed in detail, and your team will be more focused and motivated to execute something they contributed to.

If you decide after the pilot that OGSM Software is not for you, we will return all uploaded data and plans to you, no strings attached. 


What is included in the pilot?

Your data uploaded to OGSM Software

You may already have an existing strategic plan (OGSM or other) in Excel or PowerPoint. We will import your data into your OGSM Software workspace for you, so you’ll save time and can focus on your goals straight away. The license costs are included during the pilot period. 

Team & admin training

All packages include at least 3 training sessions for your team to learn how to get the best results with OGSM Software. The large pilot package also includes a Strategy Execution Coach training for the OGSM coordinator, enabling a train-the-trainer style distribution of knowledge within your organisation.

Individual OGSM coaching

All packages include some hours of individual OGSM coaching that can be used flexibly to meet your team’s needs, so you can learn at your own pace. These coaching sessions can focus on whatever is most important to you: what do you need to achieve more goals?

Which onboarding package is best for you?

Package sizeNumber of OGSMsTeam training sessionsStrategy Execution Coach trainingOGSM coaching hours3 month licensePrice
Small1 OGSM plan3-5Yes€ 1.499
Medium< 5 OGSM plans3-10Yes€ 2.999
Large5 - 10 OGSM plans3120Yes€ 4.999

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