Why OGSM is a great choice for your Business Administration thesis or internship

3 reasons why a growing number of MBA/BBA students choose to use OGSM for their thesis or internship report

Every year, thousands of Business Administration students submit their thesis projects.
How do you stand out from the crowd? Let us help!


A perfect grade for your thesis

OGSM is an easy-to-use methodology that helps you structure your case study or business plan. Your teachers and employers will value this robust framework and approach with higher marks or grades.

Help students succeed

For teachers and professors of Business Administration, OGSM is an excellent introduction to strategic planning for your students. A simple, structured and hands-on method, easy to learn and with many skills to master.

Impress your employer

Students make a real impact during their internship by using OGSM to deliver their recommendations. With OGSM, you will leave an actionable plan behind and obtain strategic execution skills that will serve you throughout your career.​

Want a perfect grade for your thesis?

“After some research, I decided that OGSM could be a suitable approach to solving these problems.”

For Business Administration students, OGSM is a very interesting method to use in an internship or thesis project. In this blog, I’ll tell you how I used OGSM to get a perfect grade for my thesis project.

Ogsm For Students

Are you a student or a lecturer?

We have a special OGSM Software deal!

For university students (HBO & WO) and lecturers, we offer online and live workshops to teach you about the OGSM framework. FourweekMBA also has more information on the OGSM method.

Ogsm For Students

Podcast: Achieve More Goals with OGSM

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