Why Strategy Execution Software is Worth the Investment

In today’s fast-paced business environment, management often questions whether the cost of strategy execution software is justified. Here’s why it is not only worth the investment but essential for effective and efficient business operations.

1. Time Savings and Efficiency

The business case for strategy execution software is straightforward when considering the time saved on updates. Email updates can be streamlined, and the software automatically aggregates data, saving significant time compared to manual updates in PowerPoint. The effort spent on creating and maintaining PowerPoint presentations can be substantial, consuming valuable resources that could be better utilized elsewhere.

2. Reducing Errors and Maintaining Integrity

Excel, while a powerful tool, is prone to errors and can be easily manipulated. Goals and targets can be adjusted without notice, undermining the integrity of the data. Strategy execution software provides a controlled environment where changes are tracked, ensuring that the information remains accurate and reliable.

3. Cost Savings from a Consolidated Tool like OGSM Software

Consider the costs that can be avoided by using strategy execution software. A comprehensive strategy execution platform OGSM Software includes features like Microsoft Projects, risk management software, meeting facilitation, compliance management, and sustainability reporting.  By consolidating these strategy and governance functionalities into one software, businesses can eliminate the need for multiple expensive licenses, reducing overall costs.

4. Professionalism and Proactive Management

Just as companies use specialized software for accounting or sales instead of relying on Excel, strategy execution deserves professional tools. Often, management refrains from investing in such tools out of frugality. However, professional tooling can help identify underperforming projects early, allowing for timely intervention or termination, thereby saving significant resources.

5. Successful Change Management

Change initiatives are notoriously expensive and prone to failure or delays. Strategy execution software provides built-in guidance and support, ensuring that projects are on track. Teams are more engaged and motivated when they have access to real-time progress updates and clear objectives. Viewing change management from a value perspective—focusing on the benefits of an effective change process rather than just the costs—demonstrates the true return on investment.

6. Ongoing Support and Resources

Our team is committed to supporting your organization throughout the implementation and beyond. We offer coaching, access to tools, checklists, planning documents, and PowerPoint templates to ensure the success of your strategic initiatives. If additional training is needed, we can provide a tailored program to meet your specific needs.

7. Creating Value Over Reducing Cost

When it comes to achieving strategic goals, think in terms of creating value instead of just reducing cost. If you hire a professional carpenter, you expect them to have professional tooling. Why should you not have this as a leadership team? Investing in strategy execution software is about equipping your team with the best tools to ensure success.


In conclusion, investing in strategy execution software is not just about the initial cost—it’s about the value it brings to your organization through time savings, error reduction, cost consolidation, professional management, successful change processes, and ongoing support. By leveraging these benefits, management can ensure that strategic initiatives are executed efficiently and effectively, driving the organization towards its goals.

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