Achieve a high score
for your MBA / BBA thesis

3 reasons why an increasing number of MBA/BBA students
choose to use OGSM to deliver their thesis or internship report.


It's Time!

The academic year has only just started but MBA/ BBA students
are already preparing for their thesis.

thesis with
OGSM receives higher marks

Your lecturer more likely to give your thesis
a higher score as a document written in line
with OGSM is clearly structured and results
in higher marks.

students save
time with

Using OGSM as your guidance saves you time as it avoids a lot of rework “OGSM is een ‘simpele’ en bovenal praktische methodiek, waarmee je snel helder overzicht creëert en waarmee direct gewerkt kan worden.

students provide

You create real impact as your internship company can deliver your recommendations and Your recommendations made in your MBA / BBA thesis don’t end up in the drawer of your employer, because with OGSM you leave an actionable plan behind.

How to get 10 out of 10 for your thesis?

“After some research, I decided that OGSM could
be a suitable approach to solving these problems.”

In the previous year the engineering firm, helped by a professional consultant, had produced a policy plan containing the mission, vision, strategies and objectives. Their own teams had translated that policy plan into strategic annual plans for their own departments, but implementation proved difficult and the underlying reason was unclear…

Are you a student or a lecturer?

We have a special OGSMSoftware deal!

For universities and lecturers, we offer online OGSM masterclasses to make your students familiar with the AgileOGSM framework.