Health care organizations struggle to meet expected demand for care

An OGSM change program keeps the growing demand for inpatient care under control

Health care is facing major challenges. OGSM has solutions

Many health care providers are convinced of the urgency of redesigning health care delivery. But how do you develop and implement the right business cases?

Step-by-step delivery

Selecting and implementing innovations to more effectively deliver care.
Without a digital transformation, demand for inpatient care will skyrocket as a result of an aging population and the increase of chronic conditions. OGSM Software helps you future-proof your strategy for high-quality, affordable and accessible care, now and in the future.


AgileOGSM™ for Hospitals

Digitalisation as a solution.
Using AgileOGSM™ as your strategic framework, you can constantly monitor your performance and translate your long-term goals into everyday actions that you can realize in the short term.

Ogsm Software For Hospitals

Plan more effectively

Deliver your strategic transformation with OGSM

Achieve more goals

Don’t just set goals – achieve more of them

Empower your team

Strategy execution comes alive with OGSM Software

Build momentum

Regular OGSM strategy reviews keep you on track 

Implementation Partner

Health care providers are facing a rising challenge to guarantee the future quality, affordability and accessibility of health care services. Shaping a future-proof health care system requires a fundamental change for many organisations: a transformation. BeBright is a strategy and innovation agency that helps realise this transformation, also by using OGSM Software.

Realise strategic change with OGSM Software

A flexible and simple cloud-based software for strategic execution.
OGSM Software is a flexible and simple digital tool for strategic execution. Hospitals and other care providers around the world are using it successfully to manage their strategic change projects under control. To get in touch with one of our reference clients, send us an e-mail with the button below.

Health care OGSM example: COVID-19


Want to learn more?

OGSM Software could help healthcare organisations to achieve more goals and save time. Do you want to know how? Listen to this podcast with Ineke Buurma  (Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis).