Hoe werkt OGSM?

Wat brengt OGSM?

How OGSM works? This is a legitimate question because it is hard to believe it fits on just one page. We see that many organizations struggle with the development, deployment and activation of their business strategy. And we understand: making a good strategic plan isn’t easy. Creating a granular strategy plan is simply not good enough in the world we live in. It will only bring you success if you manage to live up to it, which mostly involves activating your co-workers or employees.

But don’t worry, OGSM is here to help. Here you read more about how OGSM works. Having a strong business strategy and being able to articulate it in a clear way throughout your organization creates a 1 + 1 = 3 situation.

OGSM stands for Objective, Strategies, Measurement and Goals. This methodology helps you not only to define a winning strategy. It helps you to put it into practise and achieve results by realising the full potential of your people and your organization.

In short: OGSM is a business plan on 1-page (yes, you read it correctly!) that brings your vision into action. It connects your ambition, also known as objective with concrete actions and makes it easy to adapt where needed. It provides maximum direction for all parts of your organization.

“Vision without Action is merely a dream. Action without Vision just passes the time. Vision combined with Action can change the world.”

– Joel Barker

Now you know something about how OGSM works, let us continu with how to use OGSM.


Hoe gebruik ik OGSM?

OGSM stands for Objective, Goals, Strategies and Measures:


The OGSM starts out with a clear formulation of the qualitative ambition, the Objective. In 1 sentence you capture where the organization wants to be after a certain period. This is a crucial step in creating the interconnection with the market and the market positioning. Since all next steps will follow the direction as set in the Objective, it is important that the team agrees on an Objective with concrete and clear wordings.


Subsequently the (qualitative) Objective is translated in quantitative Goals. Based on these goals, the teams can ultimately evaluate whether the desired results are achieved. When the Goals are met, the Objective is achieved. The Objective and Goals decide WHAT will be achieved. The Strategies and Measures describe HOW the team will meet the Objective.


Strategies are the specific choices on how to reach the objective: they define where and how to deploy your tangible and intangible resources. It is important to really make choices; history tells us that it is better to do a few things thoroughly than do a lot of things to some extent.


Finally, the strategies are translated into concrete measures (dashboard measures) and activities (actions). Dashboard measures are again SMART and indicate whether you’re on track in realizing your strategies. Last but not least you define concrete actions. he actions make sure the right steps to realize your strategies are being taken. The team determines who will carry out the activities, and when. The SMARTER the activity, the bigger the chance that it will be done.

For the people in the organization, 1 page tells them the overall picture of the desired and actionable future. At the same time, it is clear how the different strategies and teams work together.

Now you know a thing or two about how OGSM works and how to use it but do you have enough information? If not, read the tekst below.


Ik begrijp niet hoe OGSM werkt

Don’t worry, there are a few possibilities which can help you to get a better view in our OGSM Software and how OGSM works. Check for example our faq or tutorials page. Do you still feel some necessary information is missing? Don’t hessitate to contact us so we can help you with your questions about how OGSM works.