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OGSM example: Jeep

Below you find an example of how an OGSM plan in the software could look like while being active. As you can see by the green, orange and red colouring some strategies have performed better than others. In some cases both actions and dashboard measures are green (on track), but in strategy 4 for example all actions are done well but they did not lead to the desired outcomes. A great example of how the software can help you understand whether the things you do give the results you want. Making sure everyone is doing the right things to reach the set objective.

Furthermore, the image below helps you understand how your actuals are compared to the forecasts. Does an area of your business require your focus or it could be your forecasts are too ambitious? The software helps you to be up to date of your performance and act & adapt if needed.
OGSM example: Medellín Secret

Started as an initiative of Diego, a coffee farmer from Colombia, and Arnold his brother-in-law from the Netherlands. It is the first brand of coffee to come from one specific plantation. This plantation is special because of its location high in the mountains, which causes the arabica plants to grow very slowly, producing very hard berries that yield delicious coffee. 

Diego was astonished to hear how much coffee costs in the Netherlands. He had to sell his wonderful beans at a low price to the local coffee cooperative, and, to add to the insult, they were then mixed with beans of inferior quality. 

Together Diego and Arnold decided that things had to change and they asked Marc van Eck to help them. The three of them decided that the coffee should be shipped directly to the Netherlands, and that they would create a brand for it there. They constructed an OGSM for launching their new brand, Medellín Secret, on the market without any advertising. See the result below:

OGSM example: supermarket

After the financial crisis of 2008, many retail stores found themselves in the eye of the storm. Caught between decreasing consumer confidence, increasing competition, late payments and a strong decline in access to finance, many retailers struggled to keep their head above water. The choice between a low-cost strategy and product differentiation belong to the past. 

Retailers need to be excellent both in minimising costs and in delivering a unique customer experience. Strong brands possess authentic, relevant and distinctive brand promises. Even more importantly, they fulfil these every day in everything they do. For our last example, we have drawn up an OGSM for a retail brand to make the leap from good to great by using the brand as a compass.

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