Learn from 4 OGSM examples

OGSM Examples: learn how to improve your OGSM plan

Different organisations have different types of strategic challenges. Sometimes, the focus is on incremental improvement of performance; other times, a more complex change trajectory is required. It helps to know what kind of challenge your organisation is facing, so you can select the best Strategies for the job. In our experience, there are broadly three types of OGSM strategic plans:

These OGSM plans are designed to help an organisation grow, and the associated Strategies are usually targeted toward sales, marketing and bid management.

These OGSM plans are designed to execute a strategic change or transformation to better answer a particular challenge. Using a dedicated OGSM for these changes ensures that the strategic change stays on the radar and is consistently monitored, no matter the operational circumstances. 


the organisation with OGSM

The focus of these OGSM plans is on improving one or multiple aspects of an organisation’s performance, e.g. increasing client satisfaction or sustainability performance.


Sample OGSM from Playing to Win by Lafley and Martin (Procter & Gamble)

This video shows a sample OGSM taken from the book Playing to Win by A.G. Lafley and Roger L. Martin. This is a case study from Procter & Gamble explaining how they use OGSM in practice in order to determine where to play and how to win.


OGSM example 1: Jeep

Below you find an example of how an active OGSM plan in the software could look. As you can see by the green, orange and red colouring, some strategies have performed better than others. Some of the Goals are also off track, so they might need extra resources or adjustment. That’s a great example of how the software can help you understand whether the things you are doing, are leading to the results you want. Click on the image below to zoom in on this OGSM. If you want to dive into this example, check out Jeep example explained in 5 steps.

OGSM example 2: supermarket

After the financial crisis of 2008, many retail stores found themselves in the eye of the storm. Caught between decreasing consumer confidence, increasing competition, late payments and a strong decline in access to finance, many retailers struggled to keep their head above water. The choice between a low-cost strategy and product differentiation is a thing of the past. 

Retailers need to be excellent both in minimising costs and in delivering a unique customer experience. Strong brands possess authentic, relevant and distinctive brand promises. Even more importantly, they fulfil these every day in everything they do. For our second example, we have drawn up an OGSM for a retail brand to make the leap from good to great by using the brand as a compass. Click the picture to zoom in.

OGSM example 3: Medellín Secret

Medellín Secret is an initiative of Diego, a coffee farmer from Colombia, and Arnold, his brother-in-law from the Netherlands. It is the first brand of coffee to come from one specific plantation. This plantation is special because of its location high in the mountains, which causes the arabica plants to grow very slowly, producing very hard berries that yield delicious coffee. 

Diego was astonished to hear how much coffee costs in the Netherlands. He had to sell his wonderful beans at a low price to the local coffee cooperative, and, to add to the insult, they were then mixed with beans of inferior quality. 

Together Diego and Arnold decided that things had to change and they asked Marc van Eck to help them. The three of them decided that the coffee should be shipped directly to the Netherlands, and that they would create a brand for it there. They constructed an OGSM to help launch their new brand, Medellín Secret, on the market without any advertising. See the result below:


OGSM example 4: Covid-19

OGSMs can also help you dealing with a major strategic challenge in the health field, such as COVID-19. An OGSM plan supports clear communication and identifies priorities for all stakeholders. Furthermore, it allows you to revisit your strategic choices in case they do not lead to the desired results. Click to zoom in.

More OGSM examples

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While OGSM Software is the best tool to design and execute your OGSM strategic plan, you can also design a plan in Microsoft PowerPoint. You can can download your OGSM-template here and get started right away. If you would like to receive an OGSM template in your own visual identity, please let us know with the button below.