OGSM and strategy templates for download

Download your OGSM template

While OGSM Software is the best tool to design and execute your OGSM strategic plan, you can also design a plan in Microsoft PowerPoint. You can download your OGSM-template here and get started right away. You can also read more about OGSM in the book ‘The one-page business strategy’ as well as our short guide: How to fill an OGSM.

If you would like to receive an OGSM template in your own visual identity, please contact us!

Ogsm Template

Analysis: learn about the foundation of good strategy

To make a great strategic plan with OGSM, it can be helpful to do some preparations. We’ve written short FAQ guides to some of the most common analyses to do before getting started with your one-page business plan. Below, you can learn about the BCG Matrix (portfolio marketing), the Business Model Canvas (business planning), the PESTEL analysis (trends & developments) and the POWER SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).

Download free analysis templates

Interested in improving your strategic plan or practicing your strategic planning skills? The best way to learn is to conduct analyses yourself and try to link the outcomes to your strategic plan. Does your plan align with the trends in your industry? Are you focusing on the right opportunities? What are the strengths of your organization compared to its competitors?

To start preparing for your strategic plan in OGSM, or to test the validity of your plan, you can download our free strategy templates package.

And if you need any help, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at info@ogsmsoftware.com!