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We asked several customers about their experiences with OGSM Software and took the courtesy to provide some customers and examples of  ongoing projects. Read all about our customers and examples on this page.

Bouter Group successful with OGSM software.

We asked Joost Wetzels (CEO Bouter Group) about his experiences with OGSM Software.

“We have been working with OGSM Software at Bouter for several months. It helps us to get the organization to a new way of working. The tool facilitates one way of formulating and assessing objectives and actions. 

Because the tool automatically requests status updates at a fixed time (with us once a month), we can monitor, reflect, adjust and determine the next steps more efficiently and effectively. We keep each other better informed of actions and respond faster to changing circumstances without losing sight of our goal.”

“Monitoring, reflecting, adjusting and determining the next steps more efficiently and effectively.”

“In addition, our business plan is now in our own location in the cloud and we can give people throughout the organization access to view the plan, including an overview of the current progress. This gives us insight into where the company is going and everyone can work on his / her own projects. That makes the business plan tangible and ensures that everyone can contribute to achieving our goals.”

E-Expansion successful with OGSM software.

We asked Jeroen Adriaans (Founder E-Expansion) about his experiences with OGSM Software.

“We started to use OGSM Software in July 2019. After 2 brainstorm sessions with our management team we have created our strategy within the software. OGSM helps us to create a better understanding about our business processes and which responsibilities per position we have in our company. 

Following our goals and doing the right things makes us more efficiently and we have more focus to our goals we set. This has realised in a growth of more then 100% within 6 months since we implemented OGSM software.”

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