About OGSM software

OGSM Software, founded in 2018, offers an OGSM web application to make strategy work in day to day practise. During our time in strategic consultancy and agile program management we helped many national and international clients to develop and deploy their strategy. The last years we experienced a growing need for an online tool focused around the OGSM methodology that would fit in agile ways of working. Supporting the activation of your strategy and bringing your developed plan into practice. The ambition of the software is to make your strategy work every day, everywhere and for everyone.

What is OGSM?

OGSM is a business plan on one yes, ONE page. The methodology helps you to successfully reach your goals. It serves as a roadmap in the development, deployment and activation of your company strategy. 

Why use OGSM?

OGSM empowers your people and teams to work autonomous and in an agile way towards the desired results. How do we know? We have seen its success in many organisations in all shapes and sizes around the globe.

Your organization aligned to
your strategy

OGSM software provides a clear and compact overview of your strategy. Everything on 1 screen, making it easy for everybody to understand the plan and the choices made.

How everything started

OGSM software was founded by strategy experts of OGSM Marc van Eck (author of the OGSM 1 Page business strategy bestselling book) and Joost van Gelder, both founders of New Growth Strategies and previously partners of Business Openers. And Edward van der Kolk and Antoinette Wieman, both founders of Bizaline, Bizaline equips organisations with the knowledge and tools they need to execute strategic change.

Together we saw the need for an intuitive and agile online environment where your strategy could truly come alive using OGSM. The result of this is OGSMSoftware.