About OGSM software

OGSM Software, founded in 2018, is an OGSM web application to support strategy design and execution in day-to-day practice. The software has embedded best practices learned over decades of helping national and international clients to develop and deploy their strategy. In our strategic consultancy work at parent company Bizaline, we saw a growing number of clients looking for ways to digitalise the OGSM method and align it with Agile ways of working. That’s why OGSM Software was born: to facilitate the execution of your strategy with smart digital tools and help our clients achieve more goals. We make your strategy work, every day, everywhere, for everyone. To learn more about the OGSM method, please click here.


What is OGSM?

OGSM is a business plan on one page – yes, that’s right! It’s a simple methodology that is popular around the world, helping your organisation to successfully achieve its goals. OGSM operates as a roadmap and an implementation plan to help you define and execute your organisation’s strategy.

Why use OGSM?

OGSM empowers your people and teams to work autonomously and in an Agile way to execute your strategy and achieve more goals. It’s a proven model that has shown results around the world. For more on the benefits, click here.

Your organisation and your strategy aligned

OGSM Software provides a clear and compact overview of your strategy, and helps you communicate your strategic plan to every level of your organisation.