About OGSM software

OGSM Software

OGSM Software, founded in 2018, is an OGSM web application to support strategy design and execution in day-to-day practice. The software has embedded best practices learned over decades of helping national and international clients to develop and deploy their strategy. In our strategic consultancy work at parent company Bizaline, we saw a growing number of clients looking for ways to digitalise the OGSM method and align it with Agile ways of working. That’s why OGSM Software was born.

OGSM Software helps your organisation achieve more goals by:

  • Helping you create better, more effective strategic plans
  • Improving your team’s strategy excecution skills with training material including videos, checklists and prompts
  • Integrating OGSM with other tooling and other software modules such as meetings, SWOT analysis, and project planning.

We make your strategy work, every day, everywhere, for everyone. To learn more about the OGSM method, please click here.

“People are more motivated to deliver results when they see how they contribute to the greater goal”

What is OGSM?

OGSM is a business plan on one page – yes, that’s right! It’s a simple methodology that is popular around the world, helping your organisation to successfully achieve its goals. OGSM operates as a roadmap and an implementation plan to help you define and execute your organisation’s strategy.

Why use OGSM?

OGSM empowers your people and teams to work autonomously and in an Agile way to execute your strategy and achieve more goals. It’s a proven model that has shown results around the world. For more on the benefits, click here.

Your organisation and your strategy aligned

OGSM Software provides a clear and compact overview of your strategy, and helps you communicate your strategic plan to every level of your organisation.

What you need to know about OGSM and OGSM Software

Good question! They are very similar methods. Both are based on Peter Drucker’s Management by Objectives. The good news is that OGSM Software completely supports the OKR method, too. We’ll tell you all about OKR and OGSM on this page!

You can start with the instructions here, but we  recommend doing some preparatory work before diving into your strategic plan. Read more about the tools to prepare for a strategy execution process here: How to prepare for your strategic plan.

Check out our blogs, our case studies, our video tutorials, and our FAQ! If you have any other questions, please contact us!

OGSM is a strategic planning method that is popular with organisations around the world. Some of the biggest companies in the world have used it, including Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Honda and Mars.

We strongly suggest you start with our “What is OGSM” basic guide. At the end of this guide, there is a FAQ with some additional links.

A must-read is the best seller The One-Page Business Strategy written by our co-founder Marc van Eck!

Finally, we have developed our own OGSM playbook: a helpful tool with easy checklists, tips & tricks and OGSM examples. We want to share it with everyone who starts a free trial with us. No credit card required, so what’s keeping you?